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The Microfinance Support Centre Ltd was contracted by the Ministry of Education and Sports to manage the Teachers' SACCO Fund. The Teachers' SACCO Fund is a fulfillment of the President's pledge to improve teachers' welfare in the country. Most teachers are unable to access loans from commercial banks due to the strict loan conditions and terms set by commercial banks. As a result, many teachers have resorted to money lenders where they have paid interest rates as high as 120% per annum. It is for this reason that government is supporting Teachers' SACCOs to enable them access convenient and affordable credit to improve their livelihood through SACCOs owned and managed by the teachers.


Loan Application Forms

· Interest 11% p.a. on declining balance
· Loan period of 3 years
· Grace period of 6 months on principal
· Maximum loan of 500 million
· Monthly or quarterly repayments
· Registered with Registrar of Cooperatives
· Governance structure
· Accessible physical office
· Experience with SACCO operations
· Have operated at least 1 year
Loans are secured personal guarantees of the Directors of the Teacher's SACCO acceptable to the Microfinance Support Centre. For amounts exceeding 100 million shillings, physical security will be required

· Teachers' SACCOs